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 Jan 15, 2008 - 11:00 AM - by Michael
* EU to smack MS around some more

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
At Ars, news on yet another antitrust probe by the EU against Microsoft.

One would think MS would take the hint.

The EC will also fully investigate a complaint filed late last year by Norwegian browser maker Opera. In it, Opera accused Microsoft of illegally tying Internet Explorer to Windows operating systems and not following "fundamental and open" standards for how web browsers render pages. Opera wants the EC to force Microsoft to begin offering versions of Windows without IE installed and to make the browser more standards-compliant.

Opera will get what it asked for, and more: the EC's investigation will go beyond just Internet Explorer. The Commission will also look at desktop search and Windows Live as well in addition to other products. The EC says that its investigation will "focus on allegations that a range of products have been unlawfully tied to sales of Microsoft's dominant operating system."


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