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 Oct 28, 2004 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* Dark Forces for Jedi Academy

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
A new version of the Dark Forces mod for Jedi Academy is out.

On behalf of the Dark Forces Mod team, it is my pleasure to announce the release of our second demo featuring the first 3 levels of Dark Forces . After nearly a year of hard work by all members of the team, we?ve finally got it ready for you! It is nearly 2 years now since we released our first demo for Jedi Outcast, when we were still using that engine. Since then, we have swapped to Jedi Academy, and decided to get a demo out for the new engine. We thought we would give you more than just the first level again, so we opted to do a 3-level demo just like the classic Dark Forces 3-level "Super Demo." The demo features:

  • The levels "The Secret Base," "After the Massacre" and "The Subterranean Hideout." All designed to take advantage of the Jedi Academy engine. The Secret Base has also been improved since the last demo.

  • Nearly 5 minutes worth of fully rendered 3D cutscenes.

  • New weapon models.

  • New enemies: including the Commando and Dianoga.

  • High quality MP3 renderings of the Dark Forces Soundtrack.

  • A new menu system, with audio mission briefings.

  • The look and feel of the original Dark Forces, whilst also bringing it up to date.

  • Much, much more.
  • That's quite a feat. I still remember playing through my original copy of Dark Forces, and loving it. I also think it's a shame that LucasArts pretty much forgets that the original Dark Forces even exists anymore.

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