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 Oct 09, 2007 - 10:56 AM - by Michael
* Unbundling Microsoft

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Australia's Cybersource has a great argument for forcing PC makers to un-bundle Windows:

Secondly, by limiting consumers who prefer not to run Windows to only those computers which ship without an operating system, you are limiting those consumers to a fraction of the potential range of computer hardware otherwise available. This is less than fair. Most systems, most options, most hardware innovations, are therefore not made available to consumers who want unbundled PCs.

Yes, these consumers could buy a PC with Windows and then wipe Windows, but then that means they are paying, as we note above in the Acer case, possibly hundreds of dollars/Euros, needlessly. And all this does is benefit Microsoft, essentially establishing a 'tax' on a product category - a category which sells over 100 million units globally every year. This is a vast distortion of the principles of an open marketplace.
If you ever wondered what the arguments were, here's your best chance to get a quick, concise understanding.

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