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 Aug 26, 2007 - 11:21 AM - by Michael
* Sony Rootkit Fiasco Again?

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Bioshock - not just the retail title, but the downloadable demo, has been caught installing unwanted software.

Sony is the publisher - last time they tried it, it was on music CDs. It's Sony's "SecuROM" scheme rearing its ugly head again.

2K Games recently issued at statement addressing the DRM protection and widescreen problems for the BioShock PC game. In the statement 2K reveals a change in number of activations available with each copy of BioShock. Consumers are now allowed to activate their copy of BioShock a total of five times via the SecuROM network. Problems have already surfaced on the third-party severs preventing users from activating their copy of the game.

What 2K has failed to address is the the SecuROM service installed on your computer when installing BioShock, which is also included in the demo.


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