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 May 29, 2007 - 12:06 PM - by Michael
* An Open Letter to Treyarch

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Dear Treyarch Guys,

I just want to state for the record: despite fair warning, I bought and played (rather, attempted to play) Spider-Man 3 for the PS3.

I have to say: Treyarch, you guys suck. You suck in ways I did not think possible.

See, Spider-Man 2 was an amazing game. Treyarch's coding and the open world was astounding. The combat system was breathtaking, the levels were well-done, and swinging around the world was a joyous experience just for fun, even if you didn't do a single mission, just for exploration and scenery's sake. And this was done on the modest hardware of the Xbox or PS2.

What did Treyarch give us for Spider-Man 3? Pure, unadulterated, grade-A manure. The combat system? Now it's essentially random. Push some buttons, watch Spidey flail around, bouncing around the screen with no control. Push the grab button, and watch him climb a wall instead... because redundant buttons that will be used in the same game situations are just bad game design.

Every now and then there's a button-push test: push the button flashing on the screen, quick. Same pattern every time, and no penalty for losing.

The camera sucks - it's like they took the lessons learned from the last camera, and tossed them out the window. This camera likes to be behind Spidey at all times, and if it's not EXACTLY behind him, it jumps around like mad trying to get there. Crawling on a ceiling? Good luck seeing downwards.

The new Spidey-Sense? Someone find the guy from X2:Wolverine's Revenge who slipped into Treyarch's design team and fire him. Quick. It was the worst idea you've come up with in a long time, and all it does is slow down the game.

And then there's the graphics. The PS3's supposed to be the most "advanced" console hardware to date. How is it, that with all this to work with, Treyarch gave us a game that is visually almost the same as Spidey 2 - blocky character models, reused textures, washed-out textures, water that doesn't splash or ripple when Spidey is swimming? And how is it that even with the tiny lessening of what little visual quality there is when switching to the Xbox360, the Xbox360 can maintain a decent framerate while Spidey 3 for the PS3 skips and stutters?

Treyarch - you guys officially managed to screw up. All you would have had to do was port the engine from Spidey 2 and throw in some new missions, and people probably would have been happy. Instead, you handed out a game that is a pale, pale, worthless shadow of its predecessor.

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