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 May 23, 2007 - 09:30 AM - by Michael
* Apple sued for Macbook screen

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Apple's getting sued again - this time for false advertising. Apparently the Macbook's LCD screen didn't measure up for a few users.

At the heart of the case is plaintiff's claim that rather than delivering 16,777,216 colors with an 8-bit LCD, Apple chose a cheaper route, delivering the illusion of millions of colors using a 6-bit LCD and dithering.

What makes the complaint sound especially familiar to longtime Mac users, is that to buttress their case, Greaves and Gately have copied and pasted long stretches of exchanges from discussion threads on support and other online fora. They tell stories of dismissive Apple geniuses telling them they are being "too picky," of off-the-street tests performed at Best Buy and Tekserve, of ordering replacement computers and being afraid to open the box, of exhausted phone support reps encouraging users to "take the refund."
Dithering is a common technique, but they have a point - a dithered pixel area may look vaguely like the right color, but it's not that color.

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