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 May 07, 2007 - 10:08 AM - by Michael
* FFXII: The Retry

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A couple weeks back, I got a PS3. Since it doesn't have a port for the older memory cards, I decided to simply start over on Final Fantasy XII: I'd already managed to pretty much screw up my game anyways, since I'd not paid attention to what I was doing and managed to get 5-6 plot points in while still under 20th level.

The replay's been going much better; I'm 68th level and well above the storyline monsters. However, there are still the "optional" bosses, and in traditional Final Fantasy style, to call them "cheesy" is putting it mildly; the restrictions the game slaps on some of them, or the one-shot-kill attacks they are given (along with a health bar five miles long), remind me of trying to kill Emerald Weapon with a 10-minute timer.

I haven't decided which I should do now; push on in the storyline, or go power-level somewhere to try to get those "optional" bosses finished. I think I'm only halfway through on the story, so I've got a way to go if I choose the first route.

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