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 Jun 16, 2004 - 12:07 PM - by Michael
* Tell Nintendo Which Games You Want!

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Mobile gaming (GBA/etc)
Nintendo's doing something that's arguably VERY cool - they've put up a survey on what games players want to see in the new GBA "Nintendo Classics" series of releases.

Yeah, that's right - we actually get to pick which games we want them to release!

You get to pick 15 from the list that YOU want to see, or three alternates from a long drop-down list of titles.

Unfortunately, the list is slightly out of date - some of the titles are already confirmed to be released, like Ice Climbers.

Can'd decide? I'll give each a brief mention in the extended section.
  • 1943: The Battle of Midway- If you want scrolling airplane action, this is a good choice. Somehow, however, I doubt the graphics would be all that happy on that tiny a screen.

  • Adventures of Lolo - Good call.

  • Balloon Fight- Why?

  • Baseball Stars- No baseball games on the NES were all that great. Pass.

  • Bomberman- Another of those venerable series that just keeps going - this is probably a keeper.

  • Castlevania - This has to fall into the "absolutely" category, especially with two strong Castlevania titles on the GBA already.

  • Contra - How many hours did I waste on this one? It's a rarity already, a NES port that was better than its Arcade original.

  • Dig Dug - Classics, classics, classics.. ahh.

  • Donkey Kong - Again with the classics!

  • Donkey Kong Jr. - Absolutely!

  • Double Dribble - Uhm... why? Again, sports games have gotten better. DD was ok, but not great.

  • Dr. Mario - Puzzle games are always something - and it'd be nice to have a colorized version to replace the original GB cart.

  • Excitebike - It's cool and all, but Excitebike's gameplay hasn't held up all that well over the years. I know, I still have the original NES version.

  • Ghosts 'n Goblins - Only if they'll give us Ghouls & Ghosts, too.

  • Golgo 13 - Honestly, never played it.

  • Hudson's Adventure Island- Another game that, while cool in its day, doesn't hold up well under modern standards.

  • Ice Climber - Already confirmed on its way.

  • Kid Icarus - This is like the holy grail, a must-have of old NES games. Pity they haven't done anything with the franchise since.

  • Kirby's Adventure- They already did a GBA version called "Nightmare in Dreamland", which was a straight port of the levels from the original. Skip it.

  • Kung Fu - Once again, cool for its time, nice as a nostalgia kick but not great as far as modern gaming. Something you'll tire of too quickly.

  • Mario Bros. - Only if it's a faithful port of the original and not that bad, bad version they stuffed into all of the Super Mario Bros GBA carts.

  • Metal Gear - The starter of that wonderful series, the predecessor to the Metal Gear Solid line? Absolutely!

  • Metroid - Let's see... they gave it to us already, in the Metroid: Zero Mission cart as an unlockable, and also in Metroid Prime as an unlockable. Why release it separately as well?

  • Pac-Man - Wakka-wakka-wakka-fruit...

  • Pro Wrestling - Nah, not really. Get us one of the SNES era WWF games instead.

  • Punch-Out!! - Again one of the must-have titles; can't understand why they haven't brought forth another in this series already.

  • Skate or Die - Now this was just a bad series.

  • Strider - Ok, I guess, but they'd do far better to port the Genesis version than get the bad NES port.

  • Super Mario Bros.- They already did this. Multiple times.

  • Tecmo Bowl - YES! The ultimate in NES football games, something we all wasted hours on as kids, this ought to be a no-brainer.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Not a bad call.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II -Stick with the first one, this was a pretty horrid port of the arcade. Unless they re-port the arcade and get it RIGHT this time.

  • Tetris - Still frustrating gamers today, it'd be nice again to have in proper color.

  • The Legend of Zelda- Already confirmed.

  • Track & Field II - Only if you want to completely wreck your GBA's buttons with all the mashing.

  • Wrecking Crew - Interesting choice, could be fun.

  • Xevious - Find a better shoot-em-up, please.

  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link- The only one they haven't done yet, Four Swords already rolled out. It's coming, don't worry about that.

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