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 Feb 19, 2007 - 11:58 AM - by Michael
* Blizzard sues WoWGlider

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Blizzard's officially gone off the deep end - not content with banning accounts, now they're suing WoWGlider.

Count 2: Contributory Copyright Infringement. Blizzard is claiming that when Glider launches WoW and bypasses Warden that Glider has just reproduced a copy of WoW and thus has violated the copyright. WoW. That's a pretty interesting statement. Is that kinda like me using my TiVo to record a show and watch it and being told I've just violated the copyright of the show? I'm not sure if that is a good analogy or not. But it's the first thing I think of. If I were charing copies of the program I TiVoed then ya. that would be an issue. But watching it myself. I don't think so.

Also under count 2. Blizzard claims that they knew they were violating copyright because they sold keys for Glider. Huh? How does selling keys for an application that you built show that you intentionally violated copyright in another program? This is a stretch.


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