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 Feb 01, 2007 - 11:51 AM - by Michael
* PS3 price to drop?

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Apparently, even Sony can eventually be hit over the head with a cluebat enough times for it to stick; they're considering dropping the PS3's price tag.

Analysts and game fans are watching to see when PS3 prices may drop again, which would depend on its proliferation in the market and cuts in production costs. Sometimes a price cut is timed with the introduction of blockbuster game software, expected to boost machine sales.

Sony has a lot riding on PS3's success, but consumers seem to be snatching up its rival Wii, which costs about half as much as the cheaper, $500 version of the PS3 and comes with a wand that players swing around like a bat, fishing pole or conductor baton, depending on the game.
Hey Sony - notice something?

Yeah. The PS3 is gorgeous, but your games are crap. Meanwhile, the Gamecube's graphics aren't as pretty, but the games are fun.

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