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 Oct 13, 2004 - 06:00 PM - by Michael
* Short Reactions: Guilty Gear, Shadow Hearts

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Two Playstation2 titles I've had my hands on recently:

Shadow Hearts: Covenant. This is a game you will either love, or hate. On the one hand, it's got classic modes and style of gameplay, a great storyline, an incredibly long and in-depth storyline, numerous areas to go to, twists and turns and new threats all the time. On the other hand... see the previous. This game is completely irreverent towards its genre and rarely takes itself seriously, which is a good thing.

The downside is for all those gamers who think turn-based gameplay is "old"... this game's got GREAT turn-based gameplay.

Then there's Guilty Gear Isuka. This is a wierd, but fun, addition to the Guilty Gear universe. The main change is the addition of a button to alter facing, because as many as four players can be onscreen at once, and a two-tiered fighting plane (two planes of fighting next to each other) that hasn't been seen in a fighting game since the SNES days. It's interesting, and offers some unique strategy options. More after the weekend.

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