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 Jan 20, 2007 - 08:04 PM - by Michael
* Star Trek: Legacy

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
You may remember, originally I was very upbeat concerning Bethesda's PC/Xbox360 title, Star Trek: Legacy.

After playing it for some time now, I can't even dignify it with a review. I feel that 1/2 star of 5 is too good of a ranking for this game.

What's wrong with it? I'll admit there are good points. The voice acting and name actors are strong. The graphics, except for when they're running a cutscene while still loading the light maps and bump maps (bad developer! no cookie!) on the Xbox360, are great.

What's wrong is: everything else.

The ability to customize ships, advertised until the last minute, was cut. This, alone, I could overlook.

The fact that newcomers will buy the toughest ships, and only then find out that they have no command points for the next segment? Inexcusable.

The fact that so much storyline is cut that we have no idea how half the captains even are involved in the story? Also inexcusable.

But worst of all is the fact that the AI is permanently set on moron. They don't follow orders. They constantly have to be reminded. Set one ship to "run away" and "repair itself", start commanding the rest of your fleet, and before you know it your ship that you set to run away will have come back and gotten itself blown up, all because the AI is too stupid to do what you explicitly told it to do.

There are some good missions in this game. There are some missions that are merely winnable. There are a couple missions that can be played, if you ignore the computer's "helpful hints" and go for the objectives your own way.

But save yourself the aggravation, and skip the game entirely.

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