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 Jan 08, 2007 - 01:36 PM - by Michael
* PSP and the Golden Firmware?

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Amid the release of internet guru Dark Alex's latest update, I thought I'd offer a thought.

When I bought the PSP, it was for its potential. Time and time again, I've seen Sony wasting that potential. The PSP has an absolutely beautiful screen, a good control layout, and a decently fast processor. The memory stick is Sony, sure, but with the ability to stick a 4 GB card into it, I've seen no problems. If they could expand that to 8 GB or even 16, it'd be even better, but that will probably work out just fine as memory sizes increase in general.

But what does Sony do with it? They cripple it. They want to lock down everything on it, so that all it exists for is to play music files and act as a rearview mirror for already pathetic PS3 titles.

I'm running 3.03 OE-A firmware. And you know what, Sony? I'm happier with this device than I've ever been. You could have made a mint with this device if you opened it up, let people do what they wanted. They would have flown off the shelves, instead of trickling like they do today. The utility to convert PSX titles to run on it? You could have coded that. You could have released it. You could have opened up your online store so that people could buy the titles directly, instead of trying to force people to buy a $600 hunk of junk in order to get the "privelege" of buying 8 year old titles for their mobile unit.

You lose, Sony. Now wake up and start paying attention to what your customers want, rather than trying to tell us what you think we want.

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