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 Dec 04, 2006 - 11:37 AM - by Michael
* Zelda on Wii: Impressions

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Time for a few impressions on Zelda for the Wii. Review will come later this week, but until then:

- This is probably the most expansive Zelda game I've seen in a while. No chincy "walk in and fight a bunch of monsters in a single room" stuff like Wind Waker, no time spent idly sitting on an empty sea. The land is large, explorable, and most importantly, alive with enemies and people alike.

- Not for the younger set; while I'd be okay handing Ocarina of Time to a 5-year-old kid, I might think twice about setting this one in front of him. There's stuff in here that could give younger kids nightmares.

- Thematic elements? Again, the last time we saw something this great was Ocarina of Time. While I've been enjoying the portable ones like Minish Cap, Twilight Princess shines in a way that the gameboy Zelda titles just can't, or at least haven't of late.

- Sidequests: wonderful.

- Controls? While the Wii took some getting used to, it's now intuitive, and I think it'd be more intuitive for a less hardcore gamer. My one gripe is that "shaking" the nunchuck is for a spin attack, "punching" with the nunchuck is for a shield bash attack, and the sensors have demonstrated a singular ability to confuse the two on a regular basis.

Folks, the Wii is worth buying for this alone. And it's not the only great game on the console. I've also been enjoying Trauma Center: Second Opinion (which is a difficult-as-hell title, but great to play) and even enjoying Wii Sports, which is a perfect game to just pick up and play with your friends.

My one objection to Wii Sports is the golf game, because the sensors in the wiimote aren't quite sensitive enough to render a real golf swing. And yes, I've actually taped a Wiimote to my 9-iron to test this out.

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