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 Jun 16, 2004 - 11:07 AM - by Michael
* ESA VS 321 Studios

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
It appears the ESA is now suing 321 Studios, the DVD-X-Copy guys for their "other" product, Games X Copy.

Personally... I never saw the need for the DVD X Copy stuff. But I can really and truly see where someone with small children, dogs, or some other concerns would legitimately be worried about wanting to make backup copies of their games and hide them in a safe place; my own copy of Final Fantasy VII for the PC died some years ago due to a friend sitting (accidentally) on the disc package while helping me pack and move, and breaking the installation CD.

Ultimately, I would hope they'd win - the provisions in the law regarding being able to make backup copies of software are pretty clear. Unfortunately, with the monetary might of the ESA versus a company decimated after MPAA lawsuits, this could well be one of those easy cases that make bad law by setting precedent.


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