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 Aug 29, 2006 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* New Xbox360 backwards compatibility

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Once again, the Xbox360's got a backwards compatibility update, and it's good mostly for laughs.

Aquaman? Guffaw.
Catwoman? Okay, lousy game based on even lousier movie. Got it.
Digimon? Eek.
Fatal Frame? II: Crimson Butterfly DIRECTOR'S CUT : What a mouthful!
Ford vs Chevy: the ultimate cage match... oh, wait, lame racing game.
LEGO? Star Wars? II: The Original Trilogy - gotta have my legos.

Come on guys. You can do better. Your emulation layer CAN get 90% of the old library running. Just get off your butts and DO it.

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