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 May 03, 2006 - 11:43 AM - by Michael
* On DirectX 10

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Hardocp get ATI's take on the benefits of DirectX 10.

Keep in mind that DX 9's been around for some time now.

One of the biggest limitations is API object overhead. In fact game content developers are currently being bottlenecked by this overhead. Out of all the improvements that could be pushed into DirectX 10, the issue at the top of the list for most game developers was to lessen API object overhead.

What we mean by API object overhead is that the API is using CPU cycles to achieve tasks necessary for rendering before being output to the video card for drawing. When rendering a game, the application first has to call to the API and then the API calls to the driver before it ever interacts with your video card?s GPU. These calls are all handled by the CPU, using valuable resources and creating a potential bottleneck.


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