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 May 01, 2006 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* "Wii" just a shock ploy?

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Aaron McKenna postulates that the "Wii" name may just be Nintendo's way of drumming up free publicity and attention to their console rather than the actual planned launch name.

Think of "Xbox," "PlayStation," "Dreamcast"...heck, think of "Revolution." Nobody had to explain these terms to anyone, even though technically the Xbox could just as easily have been a funny type of packaging. The moment you have to begin to explain your branding in pedantic detail - which Nintendo is doing through both its spokespeople and its promotional material - you're screwed. If you're going to make your customers stop and think, it should be for a clever reason. Sony, for instance, made waves with its PlayStation Portable advertising, with phrases like, "Your girlfriends white bits here;" and although it made everyone scratch their heads, that was half the point.


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