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 Apr 17, 2006 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* The real SMB2

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Gamecube/Nintendo covers The real Super Mario Bros. 2, and why Nintendo chose to re-sprite Doki Doki Panic and pass it off in America as "Super Mario Bros. 2" instead:

Certain levels in Super Mario Brothers 2 have wind and rain. The onset of the rain can be quite sudden, sometimes appearing halfway through a jump over a pit. The resulting slowdown in your leap can cause you to die, but it's certainly no more annoying than the hurricane levels of Karate Kid. The driving gale can push Mario around a little, but it doesn't make the game frustrating to play. How much does it add to the game? I personally feel that the extra element of complexity adds to the experience, considering how simple the original Mario was. Additional complexity just feels like an evolution to the gameplay. That said, I'm not unhappy to see no wind in Mario 3, which evolves the gameplay in other ways, such as the ability to fly.


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