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 Feb 24, 2006 - 10:00 AM - by Michael
* Worst controllers of years past

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
IGN take a look back through the ages and hammer on some really bad controller ideas.

I remember some of these, and they were interesting. you certainly could do some things with the Intellivision controller that are still hard to emulate with modern two-joystick controls, and the slide-in control overlays were a nice touch.

And lay off the Xbox360 "fat" - it fit my hands better than the "S" does.

On the other hand, they got the TI-99 right:

Anyway, you had the choice of controlling these games with either A) the keyboard, or B) one of the crappiest, most unresponsive, piece of junk joysticks ever produced. But hey, there were two of them!


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