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 Jan 18, 2006 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* Star Trek Armada returns

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Looks like the Xbox360 and PC will soon see the next Star Trek game, an RTS by the folks who gave us Armada II.

The Star Trek: Legacy posts are also apparent confirmation of a rumor from January 2005, which hinted that a Star Trek strategy game was in development. The source of this rumor was a post on the STGU forums from Harry Lang, the director of the licensing division of Paramount Pictures, the Viacom subsidiary that owns the Star Trek license.

Late this past Friday, Lang returned to the STGU board to confirm a new Star Trek game was indeed the works--although he avoided details. He dodged the subject of the game's title but appeared to confirm the release date mentioned in the forums. "Like I said before, traditional ST single player/multi player games have returned--and before STO ships," Lang said, referring to Star Trek Online's tentative early 2007 launch window.


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