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 Nov 28, 2005 - 09:42 AM - by Michael
* Xbox360 - System Reaction

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Xbox/Xbox Games
So my Xbox360 is in.

I got the $400 unit, because there's no point in not.

After a good weekend of testing, including some multiplayer gaming that included networking the 360 together with an original series Xbox for 8-way carnage on Halo, here's my reactions.

An Open Letter to Microsoft concerning the Xbox360's design, after due time spent analyzing the system:

Dear Sirs,
I recently purchased an Xbox360. Overall, I am pleased with it. However, there are a few problems with your designs that I feel I must bring up. Maybe you will fix them, maybe not. Some are easily fixable, some aren't.

First of all, as a gamer I know you're trying to ape Sony with the controller. However, some of us do not have the hands of a 10 year old child. Believe it or not, there are a sizable minority of gamers who actually like the original Xbox controller, and would like to see a 360 controller of a similar shape, or else a simple adapter to allow the original Xbox controller to be used on the 360.

Second of all, and in the same vein, if you could produce some such adapter it ought to then be a very simple matter to transfer my old Xbox savegames (from titles such as Halo) to the 360 for continued play.

Continuing on the controller scheme, the lack of a proper number of USB ports on the Xbox360 hurts. Yes, I know you're banking on wireless controllers. But with the Xbox, you could plug in 4 controllers no problem. With the Xbox360, to get 4-player action at least one of the controllers has to be wireless, and that includes having a controller sticking off the back USB port.

The little flippy door thing in front of the two USB ports on the front? Inexcusable. Yes, it may look cute, but it is completely nonfunctional and serves the sole purpose of preventing me from seeing the USB ports when I'm trying to plug in a controller or play'n'charge adapter.

Finally, please get your backwards compatibility up. Fast. Especially the most recently released Xbox titles. One of your biggest mistakes is not pushing your emulation layer to try to pre-certify as many of the past 6 month's titles as possible, especially when the store displays of retailers intermix Xbox and Xbox360 titles on the shelves.

It also doesn't help to have groups like Bungie promising us that Halo and Halo2 would run in 720p and widescreen, complete with screenshots, only to find out that Halo2 is widescreen but Halo is decidedly not.

A Customer.

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