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 Nov 08, 2005 - 10:00 AM - by Michael
* Soul Calibur III: first reactions

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Picked up Soul Calibur III and have been playing it for a while now.

A few reactions:
#1 - in terms of gameplay, this is the best SoulEdge-based game I've seen since the original on Playstation. The versus modes are nice, but there's actually plenty to do in single player fashion - not that Soul Calibur II's single player mode wasn't good, but this one takes it to an amazingly high level, giving tremendous amounts of storyline modes as well as an RTS-style game to play.

#2 - Graphically, the fact that they made it a PS2 exclusive allowed them to fine-tune the graphics engine for the PS2, which is a good thing. Since my big TV is still not yet repaired, I haven't had the chance to try it out in widescreen/progressive scan yet, so I can't tell how well that will hold up.

I still wish it'd been on the Xbox, because we might have seen 720p widescreen then.

#3 - I love my X-Arcade sticks.

#4 - As great as the game is, I'm getting slightly frustrated at the sheer amount of time it's taking to unlock things - mostly because I'd like to get my hands on all the weapons so I can have a tournament with some friends.

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