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 Oct 18, 2005 - 11:00 AM - by Michael
* Dawn of Sorrow

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Mobile gaming (GBA/etc)
Spent a large amount of my time while sick playing Dawn of Sorrow on the DS. As far as Castlevania games go, it's one of the top two.

That's right. One of the top two. As good as it is, it doesn't quite surpass Symphony of the Night.

I was sitting back and admiring the mechanics. The Soul system is back, and the fact that certain Souls can be powered up by getting more of them is well done. On the downside, just about every soul is that way, including many of the three-star "you'll be lucky to find one in four hours of just killing this one enemy" souls. Which leads to my second gripe: the Soul system is nice, but come on guys, when accessing certain parts of the game REQUIRES certain Souls it shouldn't require endless hours of just killing the same enemy constantly to get those souls. Castlevania should not be about level-grinding.

As for the touchscreen mechanics, they're actually used very little, which is painful. "touch the screen to break the ice blocks" for a couple very minor areas of access, and the seal system, are it.

The storyline is decently well done, or as much so as can be expected from what Castlevania has established. On the other hand, as big as it is, the castle still doesn't have the sheer size that Symphony of the Night's did, nor does it feel quite as cool.

On the other hand, I'll say that I am enjoying it a bit more than I enjoyed Aria of Sorrow.

Word to the wise for Konami: give us a SotN director's cut porting the Saturn version, with the FULL castle, either to PS2 or even to the DS and you'll get some amazing sales.

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