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 Sep 08, 2004 - 10:17 AM - by Michael
* Star Trek Online Interview at IGN

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
IGN's got an interview with the guys responsible for the upcoming Star Trek MMORPG title.

Personally, I see the possibilities, but also some big possibilities for disaster as with any Trek title; history hasn't been kind to the line.

IGNPC: This is obviously a pretty big announcement and we've pretty much just been wondering who was going to do it. How did you go about getting the license and what exactly does the license entail?

Joe Keene: The license gives us the right to do massively multiplayer online games. It's a ten year license that encompasses all of the Star Trek "universe," for lack of a better word. All of the movies and television series with the characters, stories and plotlines from each are in the package.

IGNPC: So you can pick through any of those and take it as history or use it directly in the game?

Joe Keene: That's right. And of course it will also include the right to invent things that intended to expand and develop the overall Star Trek universe.


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