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 Aug 29, 2005 - 10:20 AM - by Michael
* Nintendo's Big Plan

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GameMethod announce that they think they know what Nintendo's plan is.

That's a good thing, because their observations are mine too: as much as I'm enjoying the possibility of Mario Baseball and an upcoming Zelda, there aren't tons of games I look for on the Gamecube.

It?s getting to a point where Nintendo needs to start focusing all of their attention on the handheld market, because the company has lost sight of what it takes to make a console successful. The GameCube?s lineup this holiday season is extremely weak, and the poor sales that are sure to result might cause many major third-party publishers to hesitate in giving support to the upcoming Revolution console. Still, Nintendo remains a dominant force in the handheld market, and they?re showing no signs slowing down even with the competition from Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo DS should have a terrific holiday showing and consumers will likely embrace the less expensive Game Boy Micro. This holiday season could provide a glimpse into the company?s future: handheld dominance, console mediocrity.


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