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 Aug 24, 2005 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* Xbox360 Price headaches, Part II

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Gamespot pronounces some of EB's preorder bundles for the Xbox360 too damn expensive.

$600 is a lot, no question, and I won't be buying anything other than the $400 box (with perhaps a game or two and wireless control) to start with.

Still, it's awkward. I'm waiting to see if there's an adapter to use the old Xbox controllers on the new device.

The Xbox 360 Ultimate Bundle weighs in at just under $700. Gamers (or generous parents) willing to shell out $699.92 will get the Xbox 360 "premium" package, plus an extra wireless controller with a Play & Charge Kit, a rechargeable battery back for wireless controllers, and the four games mentioned above. Doing some quick math, the sum of the bundle's pieces would be $720.93, again assuming a $59.99 price point for games.


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