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 Aug 23, 2005 - 02:00 PM - by Michael
* Messiah NES deck

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Here's 1up covering an interesting Retro NES deck complete with dual slots (for NA and Japanese cartridges) and wireless controllers.

Not that I need it since my NES deck still works, but it's a really cool device.

Other stuff? What other stuff? "The hardware's actually much more powerful than the original NES. We'll support 16 colors instead of 4. We do support stereo sound, and we did write in a rumble protocol. We do have some future plans of releasing some new software, so we'll be able to produce better graphics, better sound, and have vibration. Our audio processing can play .wav files so we can have full-on music. We can do voiceover. The software can be quite complicated and upscale compared to the original [NES] software."

Existing NES and Famicom games will obviously not take advantage of these capabilities, but, as Strahle revealed, Messiah's ambitions go beyond even its impressive console: It wants to release new games, either through licensing and enhancing older titles or by creating new, original ones. "Who wouldn't want to have Contra with better graphics, stereo sound and vibration? " he asked, giving a purely hypothetical example. "We're also looking at doing our own software, brand new games. Any new software, if and when it comes out, will support rumble, stereo sound, all the goodies that are available now."


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