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 Aug 19, 2005 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* Gamers with Jobs on Xbox360 pricing

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Here's an interesting editorial:

The key factor to remember here is that by splitting the Xbox 360 into two price points, it can appeal to a broader base of consumers. Instead of choosing sides ? hardcore gamers, price conscious casual gamers, parents ? Microsoft is offering a choice. It?s worth two weeks of hollow, barely literate vitriol from an online gaming community that is largely known for producing two-thirds of all the planet?s hollow, barely literate vitriol, particularly when enough of those who cry the loudest will be at the counter on day-one with money in hand and so much righteous indignation forgotten as easily as the name of that kid who ate Freedom Fries off the cafeteria floor in third grade.

But, these angry gamers aren?t really the market Microsoft?s worried about, anyway. If Microsoft wants to compete with Sony they must broaden their appeal, and they aren?t going to do that with technical superiority, courting hardcore gamers, or backward compatibility. They are going to do that by getting money-strapped parents to put an Xbox under the tree during the one holiday season where they have no competition, and they?re only going to accomplish that by creating a financially compelling reason to do so. Make no mistake about it; Microsoft didn?t offer a version of the 360 at the $299 price out of some na?ve or misguided desire to follow-through on the promises they made at E3. They did it because accessories are profitable.


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