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 Aug 09, 2005 - 03:00 PM - by Michael
* Xbox boot code revealed

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Xbox/Xbox Games
The Xbox-Linux team have some interesting things for you to see:

But what happens if someone finds out the hidden 512 bytes? Bunnie ( did, Christmas 2001. He tapped the bus between the Southbridge (where the data is stored) and the Northbridge (the CPU's memory interface) where all secret data gets transmitted. Knowing the algorithm and the secret key, he could easily disassemble the whole code in Flash ROM, and he could have even patched and reencrypted the code - the decryption code won't notice the difference, as the Flash ROM is not hashed: Only a single 32 bit value is checked. Modchip makers, who used similar tricks to get hold of the hidden ROM, used this knowledge to create patched versions of the Flash ROM image and distributed them on boards that, soldered to the Xbox motherboard, overrode the onboard Flash ROM.


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