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 Aug 04, 2005 - 02:00 PM - by Michael
* Sega and Revolution

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Gamecube/Nintendo's got an interview up regarding Sega's future making games for Revolution.

Self-serving questions of course, but still some good info in there:

NP: Judging by the success of Sonic games on GCN and GBA, Sega fans seem to have flocked to Nintendo hardware. Why do you think that is?

SJ: That?s a really interesting question. I think a lot of it is because of the demographic. There seems to be a good match there with the kind of player that Nintendo hardware appeals to. The Nintendo fan, I think, is very similar to the Sega fan of old. And I think Sega and Nintendo have similar software philosophies. A product like Sonic is very family-oriented. It?s all about entertainment rather than trying to be controversial or anything like that. It?s pure, good old-fashioned entertainment. So there?s a very similar set of values, I think, shared between Sega and Nintendo in that respect.


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