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 Aug 03, 2005 - 10:00 AM - by Michael
* Apple's new mouse

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Apple gives us the latest in overdoing it with the "mighty mouse" design.

Pressure sensors and a "scroll ball"? I think they're going too far.

Ars Technica's got a review of the thing too:

However, regardless of the results of various usability studies, the tech world refuses to relent and geeks around the world demand the versatility of the multibutton mice that they've come to know and love, just not from Apple. Critics have long teased Apple users for their distinct lack of mouse buttons, and Apple users are constantly attempting to either defend themselves by saying "nuh uh, I bought a separate multi-button mouse!" or by taking the trickier route of attempting to explain the HCI theories behind one-button mice, all the while secretly resenting Apple for putting us into that position.


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