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 Jul 25, 2005 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* GamerDad: Don't write off the PC

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
GamerDad tells us not to write off the PC as a gaming platform so quickly.

I agree - there are any number of good games for the PC, and for many considerations it's still my primary choice - provided the game's designed with PC in mind and isn't just a port from a console version. He's got an excellent point on control schemes too:

As an aside, I learned this lesson years ago playing the original Quake. I was in a clan (Mayhem, Inc.) and our top player was an all keyboard guy. Just about everyone else used the keyboard too. He played under the name MasterFett and he was able to run roughshod over most all of us. I held my own but never felt I was as good as this guy. One night I was playing on a server with another fellow who used the mouse and keys. He completely schooled me. I finally got to talking with him and discovered that was his "trick" for beating me so handily. He suggested I try to learn that control scheme (something that seemed so unnatural at the time) and that it would improve my play tremendously giving me easy access to things like the rocket jump and more. I took his advice and within a couple weeks, I felt I had it figured out. Our clan would just play online together to practice and one night all that was left was myself and Fett. I switched to mouse and keys and finally was able to beat him. I hit him with rockets at angles I never even considered shooting at before. Of course he learned to use the mouse shortly thereafter and the rest is history. I beat friends locally using the same controls and it didn't take them long to drop the gamepads and keyboard-only controls for the mouse too. The superiority of the mouse/keys cannot be denied.


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