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 Jul 14, 2005 - 11:00 AM - by Michael
* The Look of Xbox360

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Gamasutra's got a great interview on why the Xbox360 looks like it does.

Lovelady: It's interesting that [Microsoft] chose ?360? as a name, because it was well after a lot of what we'd already come up with. Part of it was that Microsoft sees it as an amazing digital portal, an access point. They wanted something that would be this gateway from the physical tangible real world to the voyeuristic world of gaming. So the idea is that we've got this box that's a containment device, that is containing some pretty amazing power. You can't just let anyone in or out of the portal, or the access point.

So the idea of containment and protection, and even a sense of there being something pretty [powerful] inside this - we've got to make sure it's safely contained. Also, the console has to stand vertically as well as horizontally, so when they chose the name 360, one of our main goals from the beginning was that we had to design it from every angle. There are a lot of products which have one side where you say: ?Oh, that's where they had to put all the nasty stuff, all the connectors and everything else.? And when this is out in the homes and kiosks of the world, there will be connectors and plugs in it, but you don't want there to be an ugly side [to the console].


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