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 Aug 19, 2004 - 02:41 PM - by Michael
* FiringSquad interviews StarForce

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
FiringSquad's got an interesting interview with the creators of the rather scary StarForce copy-protection software that's been in the news recently.
Furthermore, copy protection denies users the right to an archival copy. We've all damaged, destroyed or lost discs and CD keys. Getting a replacement from a publisher can be and often is another hassle. Of course, if we honestly ask ourselves how many purely legitimate users of those utilities there are, odds are probably that deep down inside we have to admit "not many".
Sorry, but you can then count me among the "Not Many" then - one Win98 CD sat on by a friend, one Final Fantasy VII disc destroyed by a bad CD-Rom drive, one copy of Battlezone II eaten by a friend's dog, and I'm a big proponent of copying my favorites just in case.

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