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 Aug 18, 2004 - 06:34 PM - by Michael
* S3 Graphics Interview: John David

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
With S3 coming back into the home graphics board market, it was a good time for an interview, and S3's John David was kind enough to oblige us in answering a few questions. The full interview is up today. One of the highlights came in response to drivers:
S3Graphics: From one point of view frequent driver updates may seem good ? from another angle one should question why are they needed? Driver updates are for primarily to fix bugs and occasionally for performance/functionality improvements! So it would seem that our competitors need to fix bugs?

S3 Graphics has taken a different approach than we have used in past product cycles. We understand how important the need to constantly improve and fix issues that are found especially in light of the hundreds of PC game titles currently available and those anticipated - not to mention those bugs reported by our OEM customers. As such, S3 has over 300 software programmers and engineers located in 3 locations [US, Taiwan and Shanghai] whose primary responsibility it is to fix bugs and improve performance. While we currently do not have a once-a-month driver update schedule, you?ll note that in last 6 months S3 has delivered no less than 5 driver updates - 2 WHQL and 3 engineering drivers for our DeltaChrome family of GPUs.


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