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 Jul 07, 2005 - 02:00 PM - by Michael
* How important is FPS?

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Boomtown look at the age-old question: How important are frames per second?

For reference: cheap video can go as low as 12 FPS and still sort-of fool the brain.
Movie-quality video runs at approximately 24 FPS.
Television-quality video, approximately 30 FPS.

They also go into some of the more common gamer "health" concerns:

Some people experience motion sickness and get nauseous from playing computer games. Why is that, and is there any way to avoid this?

Motion sickness arises from a discrepancy between the brain?s balance centre (that tells you you?re moving) and the eyes (which see stationary images from the cabin below deck on a boat for instance). This is why it usually helps to go up on deck and fix your eyes on the horizon.

A similar phenomenon can occur if the eyes see movement but the body is stationary (most notably in an Imax theatre or if you sit too close to the computer monitor). This is called opto-kinetic nausea (sight movement sickness). The cure consists of closing your eyes or turning them away from the screen. Headaches usually arise from sitting too long with the head in a fixed position causing tension in the neck, shoulders and arms. This is best cured through exercising, getting massage and relaxation.


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