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 Aug 16, 2004 - 02:59 PM - by Michael
* Bees?

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Tycho over at Penny Arcade opines about I Love Bees today; not surprising. Most sites covered it when it popped up in the Halo 2 trailer, and of course Netninja have been doing a good job hanging around updating and trying out theories.

Tycho's got theories of his own, of course, and they're as good as any other. It's nice to see a company actually doing something *fun* like this with the launch of a title, of course - with most of 'em, and even most of Microsoft's titles, it's "get it out the door and get them playing" rather than teasing and letting people have fun imaging things for a while.

Netninja's a bit slow right now (understatement!), probably due to all the traffic from PA.

What do I think? Well there's the obvious timer, the buried/distorted text, the normal wierd text. Truthfully, I think they're pushing some sort of pre-story for gamers to enjoy. Just a bit over a week till the next "Phase" is supposed to happen, so that should be interesting when it does. Knowing the Halo designers as being Marathon makers, I'm guessing what we're looking at is a "Covenant virus infestation that's going to phone home."

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