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 Aug 12, 2004 - 09:37 PM - by Michael
* Doom3 Diary, Day Four

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Day Four is up - check it out.

When you take the time to mosey on through Doom 3, especially taking screenshots like this, it's incredibly intense. Plus, the enjoyment of the storyline is improved.

If you're just running through the game, or have jumped direct to the multiplayer, step back for a second and start looking at the extras inside the single player mode - PDA voice recordings and emails, posters on the walls, ambient recordings playing. The game's a masterpiece.

Oh, and if you're some sad moron like this guy... when the hell was the last time you saw a horror movie that was spent in broad daylight?

The dark is important. It helps create a shock and adrenaline response when something does happen. If you don't know enough to backpedal to someplace with light, or else just start firing and aim by the light of your gun (doable if difficult), then it's not your game.

Besides, there's something just amazingly creepy about being in the middle of a hallway when all the lights go out.

Basically it comes down to this; The normal maps are cool, the dynamic texture maps are bad ass, but the game play, however, is terrible. If you were annoyed by Halo's last stretch of repetetive hallways then you will despise this game. After the twentieth steamy, dark, pipe infested tunnel with a monster jumping out of the wall, it tends to get old.
Y'know what? I've been through Halo. All the way. On Legendary Mode. SOLO.

Yes, the hallways got annoying. This game is NOTHING like that, however. In this one, you've always got a clear goal, and learning to deal with enemies and hedge your bets is part of the game.


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