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 Jun 09, 2005 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* The PSP is for Porn?

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Here's a dubious decision by Sony - they're officially licensing porn discs for the PSP in Japan.

Though the pursuit of the adult video market might seem odd, it's often the path to success for a new media format. Porn has traditionally been a big draw for early adopters and mass-market acceptance. A November 1996 essay in an Indiana University School of Law publication found this to be true -- and in the process illustrated how Sony was once on the losing end of the porn-tech curve.

When home video recorders were the next big thing, the VHS format won out over Sony's higher-quality Betamax. Why? Because the adult film industry embraced VHS. Some say Sony refused to license the technology to pornographers, but the more likely explanation is that the one-hour recording time of the Betamax tapes wasn't long enough for feature films of any nature.

The DVD format benefited from porn, too -- this time because of the ability to skip scenes, jumping past all the (assuredly Shakespearian) dialogue and going directly to the good parts. And because the success of Sony's PlayStation 2 is greatly attributed to the fact that it was by far the cheapest DVD player in Japan when it launched in 2000, that means the PS2 also has the massive Japanese adult video market to thank, at least in part, for its dominance.


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