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 Jun 02, 2005 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* Dell to install "spyware"?

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Techdirt has news that Dell might be planning to make their technical support apps a little too active in the near future.

Someone on Dave Farber's Interesting People list is complaining that Dell is about to automatically install what appears to be a piece of "spyware" on many Dell computers. The app in question is a support app, like many that are becoming increasingly popular from various computer makers. In this case, though, the app will continually report back to Dell various information about the computer's setup. Other support apps do the same thing -- but the user has at least some say in whether or not the app gets used. Apparently (and this has not been independently verified, other than the email on the mailing list), the Dell app cannot be stopped using the normal "add/remove" functionality -- despite the app itself telling people to remove it that way. Instead, since the app runs on its own separate partition, Dell's pricey tech support told the guy the only way to remove it is to format that extra partition.
I'm betting that this is either confusion over what exactly it does, or that Dell will patch it shortly. They're relatively good about tech support, unless you get an Indian call center.

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