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 May 26, 2005 - 12:00 PM - by Michael
* Peter Moore: "What we have is real"

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Xbox/Xbox Games
Another E3 brag from Microsoft, but not without merit. Peter Moore defends the Xbox360, attacks Sony and Nintendo, and especially notes on how they're going into Japan a lot stronger this time around on the design side and the games side:

But there's a little bit of cynicism that the only reason the Japanese developers have signed up is because of hard cash. What would you say to that?

Yeah, the big fat cheque, right? I'm not going to put words in Sakaguchi-san's mouth, but he chose to come out of retirement for 360. I sat down with him at his home in Hawaii about a year ago. We had the 360 architecture even back then, so I talked to him about online, about our vision for bringing people together not only through the console but also the PC and how we believe it will all come together in the future. He doesn't need to work. He doesn't need to be doing what he's doing now, which is managing hundreds of developers working on Xbox 360 projects in Tokyo. But he shared the dream. He believes in our vision.

The fact of the matter is, when developers work with Sony they don't jump in for free. This is a business. So we presented the developers with the architecture, a set of tools, and broad technology support to provide all the Japanese developers with everything they needed to fulfil their dreams. Mizuguchi-san was here ten minutes ago. If he came in now it wouldn't be about the big cheque. He and I go back years. Yes we have financial arrangements, but who doesn't?
This is going to make for a really interesting fight.

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