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 Aug 05, 2004 - 10:42 PM - by Michael
* Bejewled takes G-Phoria "Best Mobile Phone Game"

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Mobile gaming (GBA/etc)
Bejewled has won the G-Phoria award for "Best Mobile Phone Game", apparently.
LOS ANGELES, CA -- (August 4, 2004) -- Global wireless entertainment publisher JAMDAT Mobile Inc. announced today that "Bejeweled Multiplayer" was chosen as "Best Mobile Phone Game" at "G-Phoria - The Award Show 4 Gamers" - on July 31, 2004 in Los Angeles. Premiering on G4techTV on Friday, August 6 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT, "G-Phoria" is a celebration of video game culture that honors special achievement in interactive entertainment. Winning games were determined by nearly 500,000 gamers who voted online.

"Bejeweled Multiplayer" is a fast-paced wireless game that allows gamers to engage in exciting head-to-head matches with other players using wireless phones across town or across the country. "Bejeweled Multiplayer" was adapted and published for wireless by JAMDAT under license from PopCap Games of Seattle, Washington.

"JAMDAT Mobile is proud that 'Bejeweled Multiplayer' was selected for this award," said Mitch Lasky, Chairman and CEO of JAMDAT Mobile, Inc. "We are pleased that so many gamers voiced their support for 'Bejeweled Multiplayer' in the 'G-Phoria' online voting."

Commented Brian Fiete, PopCap's founder and President, "JAMDAT has done a great job creating the wireless multiplayer version of PopCap's biggest selling puzzle title - 'Bejeweled.'"

Bejewled was a big online game phenomenon a few years back - a game people could pick up and play for a short or long time, didn't really matter. In many ways it was a modern-day success akin to the simplicity of Tetris. As for mobile phone gaming today, as I don't have a mobile phone, I don't know how big it is. More importantly, I'm still of the mindset that if I did have a mobile phone, it couldn't supplant my GBA SP for portable gaming. The GBA DS, when we get it, just might.

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