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 May 23, 2005 - 01:30 PM - by Michael
* Robbie Needs to Talk to Bill

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Xbox/Xbox Games
After weeks of Bill Gates pushing the "other" features of the Xbox360, Robbie Bach is again saying It's all about the games.

I happen to think he's right, of course, which is why I want to see them have good backwards compatibility.

He's also got his head on right with regards to the market:

Q: When we talked here last year, Sony had just unveiled the PlayStation Portable, but you said Microsoft didn't have any plans for its own handheld game player. Now that you're further along with the next-generation Xbox, would you revisit that issue, and are you thinking about making a portable player?

Bach: No, nothing's changed there. We're further along in the (console) development cycle, but we still haven't delivered a product yet, we still don't have our first Xbox 360 customer yet, so I think you're going to see us stay very focused.

Look, Sony has a really hard challenge. They have to go compete with Nintendo in the handheld space. That is going to be a very competitive space. And they have to go compete with us in the console space. And Lord knows, we think we're going to win there. They're going to have to fight a battle on two fronts, and we're going to stay very focused on making sure that Xbox 360 wins.


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