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 Apr 14, 2005 - 01:00 PM - by Michael
* Xbox2 Specs: 1/2 Gig of Ram?

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Xbox/Xbox Games
CVG's got word that the Xbox2 may have a whopping (for consoles that is) 512 MB of Ram.

It certainly wouldn't be out of the bounds of possibility we'd say, with memory being a relatively cheap component nowadays. These unconfirmed reports also state that the Xbox 2 will reserve some 32Mb or six percent of its total memory for system components like the HUD and background processing tasks.

Although most modern high end PCs boast about 1 Gig's worth of system memory, direct comparisons aren't really valid, as being a dedicated closed system, the original Xbox was able to punch above its 64Mb weight in the memory department.
Keep speculating, guys. I'm still waiting EXTREMELY patiently for word on whether or not it'll be backwards compatible with the original Xbox titles.

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