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 Jul 28, 2004 - 05:16 PM - by Michael
* Dungeon Siege II Q&A

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
GameBanshee's got an interview up with Kevin Lambert of Gas Powered Games, regarding the upcoming Dungeon Siege II. In addition to having NINE possible "pets" in the game - up from just the packmule in the first - he has this to say on character classes:
Kevin: Rather than create new character classes, we've taken the original four character classes from the first Dungeon Siege and added considerable depth to each of them in the form of skills and powers. This allows players to choose not only their character class, but also what 'type' of fighter, ranger, or mage they'd like to be. For example, players may choose to be a ranger specializing in bows and crossbows or thrown weapons by spending skill points in the appropriate skills. The decision of how to spend skill points when a character levels up and which powers to get puts a lot of freedom in the hands of players when deciding how a character should progress.

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