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 Apr 05, 2005 - 04:00 PM - by Michael
* Xbox 2 dev kit works fast?

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Xbox/Xbox Games
According to, Rare's been boasting about how quickly games heading to Xbox can be converted to Xbox2 with the Xbox2's development kit.

Specifically, six weeks to convert one of their in-production titles over:

?Several months ago I gave a Xenon kit to a team at Rare,? said Xbox lead J Allard. ?They had an Xbox game in development, and they converted it to Xenon in six weeks. It was up and running in six weeks. With the updates we're giving developers now, that same game could easily be transferred in half that time. Xenon is absolutely easier to develop for than Xbox, no question.?
Well, damn.

If it's really that easy to develop for, then they may have a major step up on Sony, who are notoriously difficult to program for.

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