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 Apr 04, 2005 - 10:16 AM - by Michael
* SP2 rolling out slowly

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft has word that XP SP2's rollout is moving about as slowly as expected:

Companies were initially reticent to jump to SP2 when it debuted last year, but the AssetMetrix study found that most companies weren't blocking SP2 entirely; they just had not upgraded in large numbers. Of the 207 companies that were using XP on at least 10 machines, about 40 percent were blocking SP2 universally. At the other extreme, about 8 percent had forced the SP2 on all XP-based machines as a matter of policy.
Smaller companies were somewhat more likely to fully move to SP2, but in general most businesses tended to have it only on some sub-segment of their XP-based computers.
That's about right; the larger the company, the harder to enforce an "everyone must upgrade" policy it can be.

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