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 Mar 31, 2005 - 09:16 AM - by Michael
* Taking the DS to strange places

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Mobile gaming (GBA/etc)
Yeah, you take your game boy everywhere. But do you take it to the top of Mt. Everest? Two guys are doing just that - on their non-climbing, non-sleeping time, they're going to play games on the Nintendo DS.
?Climbing mountains like Mt. Everest is 10 hours of tough climbing, with hours of nothing to do once the sun goes down,? Muller said. ?We thought the DS would be perfect because we can play games wirelessly against each other, as well as draw pictures and send messages. When we were waiting for that (Russian cargo) plane, all we had to do was play Hearts for hours. Believe me, that can get old.? Nintendo is appartenly psyched because the climb will give their engineers some much needed data on the effects of high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures on the handheld. Because, you never know when you?re gonna have to break out your DS on an attempt to reach the top of the world. I sure hope they?re bringing that hand-crank charger with them, because I seriously doubt the batteries are gonna last the trip.
It's still a nice experiment; if this thing survives to the Peak, Nintendo will have some serious crowing to do, especially since the PSP's screen can shatter if dropped from a mere four feet.

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