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 Jul 22, 2004 - 01:27 PM - by Michael
* Copyright Bill to outlaw computers?

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PC Games/Hardware/Microsoft
Wired has a story running today on the upcoming "Inducing Infringements of Copyrights" Act introduced by Orrin Hatch to the US Senate last month.

Back when Glide Underground was founded, distributing Glide Wrappers was also a touchy legal subject - 3dfx spent a good deal of time threatening to sue people who might have used their SDK to create one, forcing "clean room" approaches.

To this day, I'm still very careful about what I do - for instance, despite many users emailing me trying to find a patch I referenced in regard to stripping Macrovision recognition from ATI All-In-Wonder products, I have to be careful - can't distribute it legally, thanks to the auspices of the DMCA, even if converting one's old Disney VHS tapes to DVD may not technically be illegal for instance.


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